List of my individual publications and a very brief summary.

Probiotics, Political Reform and Creative Design: Using Badges to Facilitate Innovation

Abstract: Understanding of the biological world has increased dramatically since Robert Koch first formulated his postulates connecting microbes to diseases some 120 years ago. There is currently much debate over the regulation of probiotics.

Surface Plasmon Resonance: Technology Overview and Practical Applications

Abstract: There is a remarkable moment in science that is best described as the “aha!” moment–the moment when some truth about the universe becomes revealed through precise measurement, observation, and deduction. A seemingly unlikely union between mathematics, physics, and biochemistry has given rise to a technology called Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

Knome: A Model for Personal Genomics

Abstract: Predictive, preventative and personalized medicine is increasingly becoming a reality with recent advances to whole genome sequencing.

Demystifying Big Data: Skytree Brings Machine Learning to the Masses

Abstract: The Digital Revolution has created a knowledge-based society reliant upon a high-tech global economy.  The pace of innovation has been exponential, leaving some to wonder what possibilities the future may hold.  The use of advanced analytics will soon become the norm in biotechnology, allowing small laboratories and pharmaceutical companies alike the ability to harness the power of machine learning.

Hologic Acquires Gen-Probe: A Commercial Analysis

Abstract: Hologic closed a $3.97 billion deal to acquire Gen-Probe in August 2012.  Hologic must be able to create significant value in order to justify such a large purchase as it moves forward.  The overall analysis of the acquisition is favorable.  However, success in the market is dependent on ability to innovate and adapt to change.  Hologic’s internal R&D needs to strengthen in that regard. Four action steps are recommended.

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